Past Performances

Our archives contain digital images of programmes, posters, and newspaper advertisements or reviews, which provide information about 236 concerts we have performed over the decades since 1944. These can be viewed using the links below.

We have also included planned performances where these have been advertised in programmes for other concerts, although we have only been able to provide a summary  

However, details of many other concerts have been lost in the mists of time and so we are always grateful for information from reliable sources to fill the gaps in our archives. 

Concerts from the 2010s

Concerts from the 2000s

Concerts from the 1990s

Concerts from the 1980s

Concerts from the 1970s

Concerts from the 1960s

Concerts from the 1950s

Concerts from the 1940s

Extracts from the archives and link to entire archive

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